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It really bummed us out to see so many amazing titles not heading out to be spun and join collections so we decided to put on a huge sale discounting items down to 5$ & 10$. Take a browse through the amazing selection which includes such incredible works as: Mother Nature by Ben Lukas Boysen, Griis by Kleefstra || Bakker || Kleefstra, Stolen Years by Anduin, Scape by Multicast Dynamics, The Highwaymen in Midnight Masks EP by Birds of Passage, The Unified Field Reconstructed by Piano Interrupted, an incredible ep by Andrea Belfi entitled Cera Pesa, The debut self-titled LP from Nanook of the North (an album that was recorded at Olafur Arnalds studio by Stefan Wesolowski during one of the worst blizzards Iceland has seen in recent times) and many many more. 

We only have single copies of each title in the sale so it's first come first served. Check it out HERE: SALE.

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Label Of The Month


We have been immense fans of everything Christoph Berg has put his mind to for over a decade now and so we were thrilled to read that he was starting his own label. The new imprint, (very appropriately named) Monochrome Editions was launched late last year with the first edition being his incredible new LP 'Tape Anthology Vol 1' (which found it's way to the number 2 spot on our albums of the year list). Wanting to buck the trend of poorly executed vinyl Christoph chose only to work with the best. Mastering was done by Stephan Mathieu and the lacquer was cut by the legendary Loop-O. Finally, the album was pressed by the fine folks at Pallas. 

Those running or thinking of starting a label should definitely take note of Christoph's approach here as the end result was the most crystal clear vinyl in our collection. Order the first Monochrome Edition here.

Artist Of The Month

Back in 2008, we came across an album called 'Night Falls' and our musical journey was forever changed. The LP with its Deep dark soundscapes intermingled between sparse minimal worlds of ambiance, was released by Berlin-based artist Hecq who is now more commonly known by his output under his given name Ben Lukas Boysen. 

Those who follow Erased Tapes (or Ad Noiseam) will be no stranger to this amazing musician's output. His albums have turned up on multiple end-of-year-lists on our site and will, no doubt, be featured again come December as we measure all else against his amazing new LP 'Mirage'.

Releasing 'Gravity' On Ad Noiseam back in 2013 and the genre-defining 'Spells' three years after that Ben has moved from strength to strength. Our advice? Do not look past his amazing soundtrack work released on the amazing Hymen Records...... Read More

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Our new Quiet Cast comes from the one and only Birds of Passage.

Another of our all-time favorite musicians, we are so honored to not only host her amazing mix of dark minimal selections but also feature an exclusive interview where she answers all our long-held questions. 

If you are not familiar with this amazing artist make sure you dive deep into her albums (recently beautifully re-issued on Denovali). 

You can listen to her mix and read the interview as well as secure some wax here....


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