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Albums Of The Decade

It seems fitting that as the decade closes out our founder DJ Deep Field dig's back through the last ten years and selects the albums that had the greatest impact on him.

 "The journey these albums have taken me on has been absolutely insane and unpredictable. A decade ago I would have found the #1 favorite album an offense to my harsh-noise loving ears and yet here we are. When it comes to music that is this deep and emotive one could be forgiven for thinking that the pieces choose the listener as opposed to the listener deciding upon them.

So this is really a list of the pieces of music that had the most power over me and the ones which steered my ears into the musical realms I find myself in today."

 Without further ado click the image to see the ten albums that rose above all the rest in the last decade.

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Label Of The Month


We have been immense fans of everything Christoph Berg has put his mind to for over a decade now and so we were thrilled to read that he was starting his own label. The new imprint, (very appropriately named) Monochrome Editions was launched late last year with the first edition being his incredible new LP 'Tape Anthology Vol 1' (which found it's way to the number 2 spot on our albums of the year list). Wanting to buck the trend of poorly executed vinyl Christoph chose only to work with the best. Mastering was done by Stephan Mathieu and the lacquer was cut by the legendary Loop-O. Finally, the album was pressed by the fine folks at Pallas. 

Those running or thinking of starting a label should definitely take note of Christoph's approach here as the end result was the most crystal clear vinyl in our collection. Order the first Monochrome Edition here.

Artist Of The Month

There was a Hard Times article recently that carried the headline 'Audience Just Sticking Around to See How Drummer Incorporates That Gong'. I must confess I felt that in spades when I had the privilege of seeing a rare Alvaret Ensemble performance at the 2013 Denovali Swingfest. The array of instrumentation that lay on stage was intimidating & all used to full and vibrant effect. 

The Alvaret Ensemble is another one of the myriad projects that feature the Kleefstra bro's - an unstoppable force in the minimalist world. Consisting in full of Greg Haines, Jan & Romke Kleefstra, and Sytze Pruiksma. They make neo-classical music with an infusion of poetic spoken word in the Frisian language (as is the case with most Kleefstra projects. Their debut self titled LP on Denovali was recorded at the famous Grunewald church in Berlin (home to the recordings of Dustin O'Hallorans Verloben among others.) MORE....



Our new Quiet Cast comes from the legendary soundscaper Christoph Berg. 

One of our all-time favorite musicians, Christoph was kind enough to create an exclusive mix + interview for our Quiet Cast series.

Hailing from Berlin he has released pieces on the very best labels like Flau, Sonic Pieces, Denovali, Hibernate, Facture, Fluid Audio and most recently his own imprint Monochrome Editions.

Many will know him under the moniker Field Rotation under which he created some of the finest electro-acoustic compositions we have come across. Last year his latest album 'Tape Anthology Vol 1' made it to the #2 spot on our year-end list. Please read our interview and checkout the mix here.


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