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Album of the Month

Juno is the fifth album from Berlin-based melodic techno artist Parra for Cuva. Creating sublime sounds for over a decade now we were first introduced to his sound via the amazing Mare reworks LP from Christian Loffler's KI records. 

Performing many of the amazing pieces from Juno on his appearance for Cercle a few months back this long-awaited album keeps the bar high that he set with Darwis and Paspatou. 

We are so thrilled to have been able to team up with the artist to secure some copies of both Juno and his last LP 'Paspatou' direct from his label. 

Sure to please fans of Christian Loffler, Max Cooper, Gidge, Aparde & Jon Hopkins this is techno at its finest. 


Artist Of The Month

Nicolas Demuth, better known as Parra for Cuva, is a wildly talented young musician born in Cologne. Nicolas has developed an artistic and musical individuality not common in the indistinguishable mass of the electronic music scene. His personal catalog has steadily shaped into a collection of slow, well-mended, and melody-laden electronica that lets one’s heart and soul dance side by side with body and brain. Studying Audio Design in Berlin, Parra For Cuva is expanding his craft. His music is like a mesh of tunes and twirls, intertwining, falling apart, folding, and unfolding at the same time. Parra for Cuva will present his individual take on electronic music with an authentic live band



Quiet Calm Records' curator and host of the Quiet Calm Records Radio show DJ Deep Field was asked a few months back to make an Ambient mix for a friend to soundtrack their isolation.

Realizing that he had been enthralled by the genre for over a decade now he decided to dig back into some old hard drives and fine forgotten gems that he hadn't listened to in years and include them in the mix.

Uploaded to SoundCloud for your listening pleasure you can listen to the mix here....


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