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Album of the Month

Its been four years since the last album from our favorite Neo-Classical composer. Woolf Works still to this day makes us pause with every rotation. 

Voices, like most projects by Richter was conceived over many years (a decade in fact), and it really feels like a Max Richter album. If you return to his earlier works like 'The Blue Notebooks' or 'Memoryhouse' you will see a similar structure between those LPs and this latest one. Soft and somber piano pieces are woven in between more stirring ensemble works. The difference with voices however is that unlike the aforementioned albums that have moments of darkness and light Voices seems to hang squarely in the center of those emotions. It's an odd place to inhabit - the pieces seem not to convey any hope or despair but rather perhaps an apathy or indifference. The spoken word that lumbers atop the beautiful pieces sadly seems like an afterthought and distracts from the immensity of the music beneath it, for that reason I would advise listening to the voiceless mixes that accompany the album. 

All in all, this is a work that is right on par with the high bar that Max has set, not only for himself but for the genre itself. 


Artist Of The Month

Martyn Heyne runs the prolific Lichte Studio in Berlin - this year celebrating ten years working with some of the world's finest musicians. 

We are thrilled to not only have him as our artist of the month but to also host an exclusive mixtape and interview. 

October sees the release of his second LP entitled Open Lines. Those familiar with his amazing debut Electric Intervals will know that Martyn's weapon of choice is the guitar and he paints with it like few else. 

Martyn has always been very close to our hearts here at Quiet Calm simply due to his name showing up in the liner notes of almost every single one of our favorite releases - go ahead, check out your collection and see how often his name finds a home on the printed inner of your favorite LP. You can check out Martyns mix and interview by diving into our Quiet Cast here. 

Martyn Heyne Live 2 (c Alice Bacher).jpg


Quiet Calm Records' curator and host of the Quiet Calm Records Radio show DJ Deep Field was asked a few months back to make an Ambient mix for a friend to soundtrack their isolation.

Realizing that he had been enthralled by the genre for over a decade now he decided to dig back into some old hard drives and fine forgotten gems that he hadn't listened to in years and include them in the mix.

Uploaded to SoundCloud for your listening pleasure you can listen to the mix here....


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