A Dead Forest Index


Originally from New Zealand musicians Adam & Sam Sherry (A Dead Forest Index) are a folk/drone duo. The name of the band came about after a (sunstroke) dream that Adam had about travelling 'above a dead forest' while clutching maps.. which is cool (although where in New Zealand he experienced sunstroke is beyond me).

The 10' that we sell here at quiet calm is a haunting dark drone infused lament to modern life. Echoes of Leonard Cohen and Nina Simone come to mind & it also holds a special place as one of the rare few items in the store that has a lyrical center. 

The music is artistically bent and not for the uninitiated, I remember seeing the duo at the 2011 Denovali Swingfest with a friend who had never explored Denovali's catalog and had very 'white bread' taste in music for lack of a better word. He feared we had walked into a cult gathering as Adam & Sam sat on stage gesticulating wildly and layering guitar drones beneath haunting vocals outbursts. 

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