Andrea Belfi


Hailing from Italy and now based in Berlin Andrea Belfi is a drummer with a difference. Using percussion as a starting point Andrea layers synth work and often borrows from the wealth of musicians around him to create complex and otherworldly soundscapes. 

His music would work superbly in both a forward thinking DJ set (take the epic 12' Cera Persa for example which has been likened to some of the more experimental works of Carl Craig) and at an industrial gallery opening (listen to the opening track of his LP Natura Morta on Miasmah). 

He has (like all Berlin-based musician's) collaborated with, and is a member of, countless musical groups and currently finds his home on the newly started Float label run by former Erased Tapes curator Sophia Ilyas.

With a discography of almost 20 releases in the last two decades, it can be an overwhelming idea to start diving into this mans amazing back catalog, but worry not we at Quiet Calm have selected our favorites to stock from his career and would recommend starting with the epic Natura Morta on Erik Skodvins label Miasmah. This LP gives you a good starting point for his sound and will allow you to move comfortably on to any release of his.

Fans of Erik Skodvin and Aiden Baker certainly should not look past his work with the supergroup B/B/S/ which have three live recordings pressed to wax.