Darkjazz artists are a rare commodity and Virginian Jonathan Lee is an even rarer American purveyor of the dark arts (in fact he may hold the title of 'only American Darkjazz musician' (although that say's more about the genre then the States, as the ammount of true darkjazz musicians can be counted on one and these days). 

Anduin has carved out a niche in this very small sub-genre of jazz supplying a melancholic tinged opus in the form of his LP 'Stolen Years'. 

The release sits nicely next to the works of The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble and Deaf Center. Almost sounding like a distillation of the two. This complementary sound has also produced some interesting collaborations between Anduin and Deaf Center member Erik Knive Skodvin under his genre defining 'Doom Acoustic' moniker Svarte Greiner The Duo took a stateside tour back in the late 00's and some of their on stage improvs were pressed to wax.

Jonathan Lee was very active in the Richmond music scene for a long time being the driver behind the wheel of the Richmond Tape Club and running a small label pressing limited runs of post rock and other experimental artifacts.

The track featured below from the LP has a very cool story behind it that Jonathan recounts on his Soundcloud:

"An improv I did while watching Hurricane Irene from my window... just before the power dropped out for 4 or 5 days. Two keyboards, a pedal, a mic, and a Gristleism box going into an eMac. My normal setup was stolen when my home was robbed the week before."

I love the artwork that accompanies 'Stolen Years' pieces - each comes as a 12x12 insert with the LP.




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