Ben Lukas Boysen

Back in 2008, we came across an album called 'Night Falls' and our musical journey was forever changed. The LP with its Deep dark soundscapes intermingled between sparse minimal worlds of ambiance, was released by Berlin-based artist Hecq who is now more commonly known by his output under his given name Ben Lukas Boysen. 

Those who follow Erased Tapes (or Ad Noiseam) will be no stranger to this amazing musician's output. His albums have turned up on multiple end-of-year-lists on our site and will, no doubt, be featured again come December as we measure all else against his amazing new LP 'Mirage'.

Releasing 'Gravity' On Ad Noiseam back in 2013 and the genre-defining 'Spells' three years after that Ben has moved from strength to strength. Our advice? Do not look past his amazing soundtrack work released on the amazing Hymen Records. This is an artist at the peak of not just his game but the entire Berlin Electro-Acoustic scene and that's really saying something.