Christian Loffler

One can't talk long about Melodic Techno without mentioning the name Christian Loffler (or his Label KI records). He is as synonymous with the genre & as important to its progression as artists like Kiasmos or Jon Hopkins. I often liken what KI records has done to the genre to what Erased Tapes has done to Neo-Classical music. 

Releasing his first LP in 2012 entitled 'A Forest' Christian followed it up with a sublime 12' + 7' release entitled 'Young Alaska' which contained his most popular track to date ('Mt Grace') and featured one of the most beautiful cover's of any title in our store. In 2016 he released his magnum opus second LP 'Mare'. Released in a 3xlp triptych it set the standard for the genre and is now highly sought after. 2019 see's the long awaited follow up to 'Mare'. Prologue is released in April and will be followed up later in the year with a second full length. 2019 promises to be a historic year for emotional techno as Loffler set's the bar even higher with these two albums.