Denovali is our number one favorite label here at Quiet Calm. It has introduced us to our favorite musicians, kick-started and accelerated our favorite genres and given us our favorite albums. Their philosophy when releasing a title is to present it as a coherent piece of art. Great care and time is taken to present each release in as clear a pressing as possible and the have the sleeve design and presentation match the mood of the LP. Musically they have championed genres that might have disappeared without their involvement (like darkjazz). They consistently and prolifically release quality each month and are my go-to for finding new and exciting music. 

This Months Featured Denovali Release.

Each month we choose one release from the catalog to showcase and list for a special discounted price. You can subscribe to the Denovali Record club to receive the featured LP every month at an even lower price.

The rest of the catalog.

The slider gallery below showcases every other Denovali release we stock. With a roster of over 300 releases (several of which are now out of print) we cannot stock everything but handpick our favorite releases to showcase. If there is a particular release you would like to own you can send us an email and we will put it in our next shipment from them.