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Max Cooper

Former Molecular biologist Max Cooper is the number one name in electronic music when talking about the amalgamation of science driven visuals and driving forward thinking techno.

He runs the Label Mesh & has had releases on such luminous imprints as Traum Schallplaten & Erased Tapes. 

Constantly touring and releasing new music Max is always pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved given the right space and gear.

Add to all this he is an exceptionally nice person, always interacting with fans on social media and sharing a beer at a show. 

His music runs the gamut of Melodic techno into drone, ambient and experimental - all of which are showcased on his albums.

His first, Human (now natoriously hard to find) showed his talents using spacial audio generation allowing the listener with bi-naural headphones to get alot more out of the pieces.

His second, Emergence, was a homage to the entire history of the universe and was an epic journey from start to finish.

His latest LP released just this last september entitled 100 billion sparks in and exploration inwards to musically paint an image of the formation of conscious experience.  

I would recommend tracking down one of the many live mixes he has up online to get an introduction to his sound.