Mesh is the home label of the multimedia artist Max Cooper. Founded in 2016 its first release was the amazing second album by the London based producer titled 'Emergence'. It now showcases more than 14 releases with the latest being his third LP 'One Hundred Billion Sparks'. Like everything Max puts his hand to, the style and aesthetic of the label draws heavily on science and the intersection between art and academia. Mesh has picked up the pace on the release front in 2018, putting out more than 2/3's of its catalog in the last year and expanding the roster to include artists like Rob Clouth and Nicolas Bougaïeff. Max is a unique artist, not only performing live (often with synced visuals projected on every wall) but also lecturing and creating light instillations at his appearances. Truly a label and an artist without compare we recommend starting from scratch with this label and diving into Max's second LP Emergence for a good introduction of what to find in this artistic realm.

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Max Cooper - One Hundred Billion Sparks LP

Max Cooper - One Hundred Billion Sparks LP

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Most Mesh releases are digital only (we hope one day they will have a retrospective box set released with all these fantastic pieces on wax). The pieces below are all the vinyl titles available on this label.