Nils Frahm


German born pianist Nils Frahm has been shredding the ivory for over 20 years now. Taught by one of the last students of Tchaikovsky, he eschews the trappings of a concert pianists life in favor of the indie route and now securely holds his place as the most sought after artist on the prolific Erased Tapes label.

The first time I saw this maestro live he played two grand piano's, one with each hand, his eyes were closed and he rocked rhythmically back and forth in time with the incredible music he was pulling from the instruments. 

His musical output has evolved over the years from straight piano lp's like The Bells, Solo, or Screws (which was recorded on the fly using only four fingers on each hand as he had broken both thumbs falling out of bed) to electro accoustic driven numbers like his latest offering 'All Melody".

As well as being an accomplished musician Nils name pops up on the liner notes of many of the best albums of the last decade due to his mastering skills from his home studio 'Durton'.

Nils is also an award winning film composer winning a German film award (the german equivalent of the oscars) for his score to the amazing film 'Victoria' in 2015.

In 2016 he closed down Durton and took up residence in the amazing 'Sal 3' wing of the German Radio building in Berlin. He built his own studio from scratch and now spends his time working on instruments like his hand built pipe organ and the worlds smallest piano (the Klavins 3).

Nils has a formidable discography and if you were looking where to start I would recommend 'Felt' first, then 'Spaces' (his live album) from there you could go in either direction.