March/April Release Radar

The next two months are very exciting for fans of amazing music - we have broken down our favorite releases that are inbound and listed them below for you to get excited about.

Saffronkeira - Automatism (Denovali) 29.03.19

Finally the wait for a follow up to 2015's epic 'Synecdoche', where Saffronkeira managed to collaborate with all of our favorite musicians to create a towering work of surreal beauty, is announced. We have been fans of Saffronkeira since the beginning of his time with Denovali. From his first 10" delightfully named 'The Endless Agony of Being Sick' through to his amazing salute to darkjazz with Mario Massa 'Cause & Effect'. If the single that has been released in advance of Automatism dropping is anything to go buy this will be one of the best releases from Denovali this year (and that really saying something).

Deaf Center - Low Distance (Sonic Pieces) 29.03.19

A new work from Deaf Center has been long overdue, not since 'Recount' was released back in 2014 have the duo produced new material. Guaranteed to be a haunting deep listen like their last LP's. We predict this will be in our year end list of favorite titles. If you don't know Deaf Center then definitely familiarize yourself with their back catalog - you won't find more haunting pieces then the ones that inhabit the Pale Ravine LP. Pre-order HERE

Ludovico Einaudi - Seven Days Walking (Decca)

Our patience waiting for Ludovico Einaudi to release a follow up to 'Elements' has finally paid off with the maestro announcing not one, not two, not three but SEVEN new albums to be released over the course of the next seven months. Working as a variation on a theme we couldn't be more excited to dive into these sound worlds. Not since Max Richter gave us his 8 hour opus 'Sleep' have we been gifted with such a flood of material.

Federico Albanese - The Twelve (Neue Meister)

Federico Albanese has moved from strength to strength with each album that he has put out over the last decade. It's rare to see an artist hone his sound as precisely as the Italian composer has done through the three LP's he has to his name. The Twelve is a soundtrack LP but listening to the single gives no sign of the usual drawbacks to soundtrack pieces - the track has good length and feels like a stand alone piece. We are very excited for this one.

Janus Rasmussen - Vin (KI)

The first of two LP's from KI on this list & the debut solo effort from Kiasmos member Janus Rasmussen. The singles released so far have quite a summer feel to them and this feels like it will be a lighthearted & warm album in the same vein as Parra for Cuva's most recent LP. Pre-order HERE

Christian Loffler - Graal, Prologue (KI)

The long awaited follow up to Mare (which alongside KIasmos' S/t LP is what introduced us to Melodic Techno) finally comes in the form of two albums - the first to be released at the start of April & the second later in the year. Loffler has been playing shows across the globe in the last few years & has been incorporating string ensemble's into his performances. We are super excited to dive into this one and hear the sonic expressions he has crafted over the last few years. Pre-order HERE

Deaf Center - Owl Splinters // Svarte Greiner - Twin (Miasmah)

Miasmah really is taking good care of it's fans this month with an epic double LP re-issue of the second Deaf Center LP originally released via Type recordings. Like all Deaf Center releases the caverns to be explored on Owl Splinters are dark and filled with a soft dread. Twin was only released in a very limited run of cd's - it contains dark haunting reworks of the pieces on Owl Splinters by Erik Skodvin's side project. This will certainly be the best re-issue of the year just like Pale Ravine was the best back in 2016. Pre-Order HERE