01. Deaf Center - A Scent

02. Deaf Center - Entity Voice

03. Deaf Center - Undone

04. Deaf Center - Gathering

05. Deaf Center - Red Glow

06. Deaf Center - Faded Earth

07. Deaf Center - Movements / The Ascent

08. Deaf Center - Far Between

09. Deaf Center - Yet to Come

Deaf Center - Low Distance LP

  • A new work from Deaf Center has been long overdue, not since 'Recount' was released back in 2014 have the duo produced new material. Guaranteed to be a haunting deep listen like their last LP's. We predict this will be in our year end list of favorite titles. If you don't know Deaf Center then definitely familiarize yourself with their back catalog - you won't find more haunting pieces then the ones that inhabit the Pale Ravine LP.