Deaf Center - Owl Splinters
A1 –Deaf Center Divided  
A2 –Deaf Center Time Spent  
A3 –Deaf Center New Beginning (Tidal Darkness)  
A4 –Deaf Center The Day I Would Never Have  
B1 –Deaf Center Animal Sacrifice  
B2 –Deaf Center Fiction Dawn  
B3 –Deaf Center Close Forever Watching  
B4 –Deaf Center Hunted Twice  
    Svarte Greiner - Twin
1 –Svarte Greiner Twin 45:59

Deaf Center - Owl Splinters // Svarte Greiner - Twin LP

  • Miasmah really is taking good care of it's fans this month with an epic double LP re-issue of the second Deaf Center LP originally released via Type recordings. Like all Deaf Center releases the caverns to be explored on Owl Splinters are dark and filled with a soft dread. Twin was only released in a very limited run of cd's - it contains dark haunting reworks of the pieces on Owl Splinters by Erik Skodvin's side project. This will certainly be the best re-issue of the year just like Pale Ravine was the best back in 2016.