A1 A Pretty A Day  
A2 Sight & Unseen  
B1 Just Above The Pavement  
B2 Ends Of Tape  


  • Design – Gregory Euclide
  • Written-By – Dustin O'Halloran, Thomas Meluch
  • released October 26, 2016

Standard Edition: 10" vinyl in a handmade paper sleeve. Hand graphic and airbrushed logo. Poly record sleeve.




A1 Opus # 12 3:09
A2 Opus # 13 2:46
A3 Opus # 9 3:29
A4 Opus # 14 4:13
A5 Opus # 16 4:39
B1 Variazione Di Un Tango 4:31
B2 Opus # 7 3:44
B3 Opus # 15 2:11
B4 Opus # 11 2:01
B5 Opus # 17 3:52
B6 Opus # 18 3:14
B7 Fine 1:56


  • Layout, Design – Francesca Montanari
  • Photography By – Dustin O'Halloran, Jeff Kettle
  • Written-By, Recorded By, Performer – Dustin O'Halloran

Dustin O'Halloran Combo 1x Thesis 004 1x Piano Solos Vol 1 LP


    Two musicians asked to collaborate resulting in a 10" vinyl record

    Limited to 300 copies.

    Hand Numbered

    Housed in handmade laser-cut laser-etched jackets and an acrylic sleeve.


    Ships Mid April

    Benoît Pioulard:

    The songs on this record were the first things I made after my brother's death in March of this year, which happened a couple of days before I went out on a 5-week US tour. During those shows I felt myself utterly lost in the process of making sound, sometimes feeling like singing, sometimes not -- it was a great therapy during a time of shock and grief, though initially I was afraid it'd be a grueling chore and I'd just want to be in bed watching sad, old movies. Not so, thankfully. When I set to working with Dustin's pieces and on my own guitar loops, I had no words of my own, so the poem in 'a pretty a day' seemed appropriate since it had jumped out at me during a recent revisiting of Cummings' work; I seem to keep settling on & returning to these very particular fleeting moments when I think about him, and as with a lot of my work this is healing in sound, an attempt to meditate on the current moment, and exactly what it is, and the fact that it offers no guarantees for the next. It was truly a pleasure to work with someone like Dustin, whose compositions contain at once a great depth and a great delicacy -- I feel that our voices come through distinctly in these pieces, but work together very harmoniously as well.




    First time on Vinyl re-issue of Dustin O'hallorans first album.