A1 Neo Yoff 5:03
A2 Salem 5:53
A3 A Vision 4:59
A4 Rave Ikon 5:37
A5 Softer Still 3:03
B1 Slow Snow 3:20
B2 Angled 5:31
B3 Battersea 4:32
B4 Distant 4:23
B5 Mysted 4:10
B6 Solitary 4:39


From the label: "C54 sharmi blue cassettes with on-body printing (standard, white) and audio recorded, supplied in clear cases with printed j-cards and +1 additional panel"

Also includes small slip of paper with download link.

Limited edition of 50 copies.

Franz Kirmann - Madrapour Cassette (Signed)

  • The following review was written by Drastic Steps. You can read more of his reviews and stream his DJ mixes HERE:

    Far away, somewhere along the uncharted paths of birds escaping cities, there is a place of endless twilight, rustling hills, mirror-lakes, and gentle snow. Madrapour carves out that refuge for me. Like twilight, it explores the in-between spaces of being and becoming. Kirmann’s electronic terrain explores the dialectic of light and sound. This masterful work understands musical art as a meditation on the principles of immanent change. 

    Listening to this album I felt the tracks have lights and shades, shadows and shapes, sets and actors. I think the uniqueness of this delightful experience stems from the cinematic treatment of music or a musical treatment of cinema. For example in Softer Still, a rhythmic echo of hollowed out, and slightly flanged sounds, form an ever vanishing substrate over which Kirman builds some blissful bass work. Ornamented by little spills of immaculate distortions, the threading of sounds evokes a sense of wondrous wander. It is like a handheld shot of the world held upside down on a lake, as the leaves fall and fall, preparing us for the Slow Snow. The shimmering synths that follow, are like flakes of light as the first snow falls on the lake, and the winter begins. A simple and beautiful melodic form develops that is accentuated by oscillating chirps and thick rumbling lows. The “electronician” also visits this brilliantly crafted texture in those satisfyingly erratic pieces like Distant or Solitary. These tracks hold in themselves the world outside with all its stillness that winter brings. Or perhaps it is a world within ourselves; folds of disparate and intertwined musical emotions. 

    All through this album, there is a sense of tonal dynamism. There are elements of slow transformations and surprising detours. I traveled through many different worlds; an endless journey through the magical realms of cinematic imagination and musical introspection. This album gives me a place to stay, or travel through, and every time I discover new gems.