Lit 6:25
Held 5:01
Looped 6:01
Swayed 4:24
Thrown 8:59
Dragged 5:01
Bent 5:45
Burnt 9:21

Kiasmos - S/T 2x12"

  • Kiasmos set down the landscape for melodic techno when they released there s/t debut. After a few ultra rare appeareances on 12' (65 in 2009 and Thrown/Wrecked in 2012) the duo of Olafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen released their debut full length in 2014 to a rapturous reception.

    At the time the burgeoning Neo-classical scene was still directionless with half of it sounding more ambient orientated (led by Ben Lukas Boysen, Olafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm) and the other half (led by the likes of Piano Interrupted and Jon Hopkins) heading more towards experimental IDM. 

    Kiasmos galvanised the scene and gave its devoted followers a standard against which to measure all other attempts at real neo-classically driven techno.

    Followed by whirlwind touring and a string of 12's that have never quite reached the peak that their s/t did, the album remains to this day the #1 record I give to people who ask for a reccomendation in this genre. 

    The release itself is a concept lp with each track blending seamlessly into the next. From start to finish it traverses introspective down-tempo, melodic floor movers and crascendoing anthems which makes it a go to record in the crate of any forward thinking dj. Throughout the 9 tracks there isnt a single moment that doesnt emit an overwhelming sense of quality of production and refinement of technique. 


    If you only listen to one Melodic Techno record in your life it should be this one!