A1 Planchette  
A2 Jeux  
A3 Marionettes Revised  
A4 Lev Poem  
A5 Kandinsky Kammer  
B1 Oil  
B2 Music For Dx7  
B3 Anstice  
B4 Campane Morti E Acqua Crescente  


Vinyl edition ltd. to 300 copies, incl. 8-page 12" booklet with drawings by Marcus Fjellström.

Marcus Fjellström - Exercises In Estrangement LP

  • A first time on vinyl re-issue from the late neo-classical mastermind on his home label of Miasmah. Exercises in Estrangement was Marcus Fjellström's first album initially released a decade and a half ago. Listening back to it now only re-confirms the unique mind of the Swedish composer, who sadly died in September 2017, only 37 years old.