1 Orgeltod 03:28
2 June 04:42
3 Crest And Trough 06:38
4 Special Edition Thuringia 06:58
5 Sparkling Anxiety 03:02


Composed, mixed, and mastered by Martyn Heyne + Ben Lukas Boysen at Lichte Studio Berlin.
Additional engineering by Matthias H. Franz Hahn. Vinyl cut by Mike Grinser.

Thank You!
Gregory Euclide, Matthias H. Franz Hahn, everyone at Manners McDade, Erased Tapes Records & Publishing, Claudia Gödke, and Karolina Zenobia Heyne.

Dedicated to Frieda and Frau Bellmann.

Standard Edition 10" vinyl




A1 Dancing On A Landfill  
A2 Night Pylon  
A3 The Hall  
A4 As Mad As Man  
B5 That Which Flickers  
B6 Neuwerk  
B7 Red Brick Black  
B8 The Hall Reprise

Martyn Heyne Combo Pack - 1x Thesis 16 10" + 1x Open Lines LP


    Includes an exclusive signed card. 

    We teamed up directly with Martyn to secure copies of his new work so you don't have to go through the headache (and the high cost of having this gem shipped from Berlin). Released on his new label Tonal Institute this is sure to be a magnificent work that keeps the bar he set with Electric Intervals high.


    THESIS 16

    Two musicians asked to collaborate resulting in a 10" vinyl record

    Limited to 300 copies.

    Hand Numbered

    Housed in handmade laser-cut laser-etched jackets and an acrylic sleeve.


    Ships Mid April

    Recorded in the respective studios of Ben Lukas Boysen and Martyn Heyne, as well as a reverberant church, THESIS 16 sounds like a mix of both artists and yet unique enough to surprise the avid follower.


    Ben Lukas Boysen - editing, zen garden.
    Martyn Heyne - guitar, organ.