A1 Incompleteness 2:19
A2 Hope 6:14
A3 Phi 5:00
B1 Rule 110 4:36
B2 Reciprocity 2:32
B3 Emptyset 5:09
C1 Volition

Featuring – Wilderthorn

C2 Platonic 5:45
C3 Reflex 6:19
D1 Identity 5:02
D2 Lovesong 3:58
D3 Memories 3:58

Max Cooper - One Hundred Billion Sparks LP

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  • Sadly this title arrived from the label with a bend to the top left corner of the jacket. 

    Max Cooper takes another deep dive into the scientific with his third LP entitled 'One Hundred Billion Sparks'. Referencing the neural firings of the brain that produce individual consciousness his follow-up to 'Emergence' follows a similar arch moving from drone pieces and almost neo-classical ambient through to driving techno numbers and glitchy downtempo orientated works. 

    Certainly, an album that, like his last two, will provide countless hours of exploration.