1: Enters 5:36

2: Sunson 11:06

3: Fundamental Values 14:18

4: My Friend the Forest 6:09

5: The Dane 3:41

6: All Melody 14:19

7: #2 10:46

8: Ode – Our Own Roof 10:04

Nils Frahm - Tripping with Nils Frahm 2xlp

  • Just when we thought the #1 spot on our top ten end of year list wouldn't be given to Nils Frahm for a third year in a row - he comes out with a December live album. His last live album 'Spaces' was on our top ten albums of the last decade list so it is very close to our heart. If you have seen this artist live in the past few years you will know that this LP will be an incredible experience. Shipping has unfortunately delayed the physical release of this title - we expect it to arrive late January 2021