Daemmerlicht 4:11
Durch den Hohlweg 7:28
Lichtung 5:24
Hoehlenlichter 4:09
Der Steinmetz 3:05
Von Der Kanzel 3:31
Am Tag Danach 4:31
Im Holz 3:32
Im Regen 2:08
Am Sonntag 4:28
Unten 4:51
Immer Da 4:48

Recondite -Daemmerlicht

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  • Daemmerlicht is German producer Recondites 6th and most recent full length. Dance albums with atmospheares like the ones present here are truly hard to find. Many try but few succeed at creating an uncompromising descent into the darkest end of the dance music spectrum. Albums like Raimes 'Quarter Turn Over the Living Line' or The Haxan Cloak's 'Excavation' come instantly to mind. Whilst slightly more melodic then both those works - often times feeling almost eastern in its influence, the tempo and mood is always minimalist and dark.

    The synth work on select pieces hark back to early works by Shackleton and I personally hear echoes of the soundtrack to the N64 game Goldeneye. 

    Due to its limited pressing this now legendary lp of dark downtempo and tech orientated dance movers is quite hard to find. A worthy edition to a dj's crate suitable for the most dimly of lit dancefloors only. Comes with cd version of the lp.