The tracklisting & other pertinent release information will be updated when available.This is the Swamp green Vinyl Edition. Also available standard black edition.

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - Here Be Dragons 2xLP (Swamp Green)

  • The moment you have all been waiting for, Here be Dragons finally see's a deluxe re-issue. It is an album that may well be the most popular Darkjazz album of all time (perhaps only bested by Sunset Mission by Bohren und der club of gore). 

    Certainly the most requested album we have ever come across, Here be Dragons was originally released on Ad Noiseam.

    This pre-order is for the swamp green 2xlp vinyl re-issue by Denovali which will only be available from independent stores. Also, available a 2xlp black variant


    The release date is set for the 27th of November but given the delays of Denovali titles so far this year (and stretching back into last year also). We anticipate this LP being available mid-January. We will, of course, notify you as soon as it hits us and orders will be shipped promptly and securely as always.