A1 The Nothing Changes  
A2 Lobby  
A3 Pearls For Swine  
B1 Adaptation Of The Koto Song  
B2 Parallel Corners  
B3 Rivers Of Congo  
B4 Solomon's Curse  
C1 Amygdhala  
C2 Guernican Perspectives  
C3 Vegas  
D March Of The Swine

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble‎–The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble 2xLP Black

  • Continuing the glorious trend of re-issues from the definers of the genre TKDE. Denovali re-issues their first LP. This is slated for release at the end of May but as usual, we would advise patience.

    An 'Indie Exclusive' limited release has also been made available for us to order (and we have). No information has yet been given on what style (color etc) this will have but we will update this page when we learn more. 

    For now, in order to avoid the mess from the last 'swamp green' variant of Here Be Dragons, we will not be listing this limited variant for pre-order until we can get a better idea of stock allocation and pressing quantity. Keep an eye on the store and we will hopefully have it up soon.