A1 The River Cold & Primal  
A2 Viscous  
B1 Dust Clouds  
B2 As If I Already Knew  

Companies, etc.

  • Mastered At – Black Knoll Studio


  • Design – Gregory Euclide
  • Mastered By – Rafael Anton Irisarri
  • Written-By – Andy Cartwright, Scott Morgan (2)
  • released September 27, 2016

Standard Edition: 10" vinyl in a handmade paper sleeve. Hand graphic and airbrushed logo. Poly record sleeve.

Thesis 002: Loscil & Seabuckthorn


    Two musicians asked to collaborate resulting in a 10" vinyl record

    Limited to 300 copies.

    Hand Numbered

    Housed in handmade laser-cut laser-etched jackets and an acrylic sleeve.


    Ships Mid April


    Andy and I decided on a very simple process for our Thesis collaboration. We worked purely electronically, sending files back and forth. We each started by initiating a piece, Andy on guitar and me using predominantly pre-existing, sample-based instruments I had built on the computer. Andy suggested we stay within the keys of C and A# as those are the keys his guitars resonate at the best. The initial back and forth was really quite natural. I was trying to stick mostly to atmosphere and texture, with Andy’s guitar sound taking up most of the melodic foreground. I find collaborating with instrumentalists generally easier for this reason - the instrument can sit overtop the drones, percussion and texture and occupy its own sonic space. On the final two pieces, I explored a little more rhythm but, again, tried to stay out of the way of the guitar and provide more of a backdrop for Andy to play within. The combo worked very well, so we saw it through with very little editing or changes and mixed them to our liking. We kept all 4 pieces we initially made. Andy proposed names for two and I for the other two. Honestly, one of the most diplomatic and fluid collaborations I’ve ever been involved in.


    Knowing Loscil's prolific output on Kranky records, I was thrilled to be paired up with Scott. The whole process ran very smoothly from the beginning. With the keys set in favor of my guitar's best open tunings, we went straight into it and started two songs each, swapped over, added to each others workings. Scott's layered drones & textures felt like a natural companion to my guitar playing, with the 'back & forth' only necessary once per song, we arrived at a satisfying conclusion pretty swiftly. To me this project has been very rewarding and was a real pleasure to work on with Scott's musicianship & Gregory's coordination.