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released October 7, 2016

Standard Edition: 10" vinyl in a handmade paper sleeve. Hand graphic and airbrushed logo. Poly record sleeve.

Thesis 003 - Takeshi Nishimoto & Roger Döring


    Two musicians asked to collaborate resulting in a 10" vinyl record

    Limited to 300 copies.

    Hand Numbered

    Housed in handmade laser-cut laser-etched jackets and an acrylic sleeve.


    Ships Mid April

    Takeshi Nishimoto:

    We had a few rehearsals prior to the recording session. Not necessarily composing the tracks but rather understanding the mood and mode of the music, and have a good feeling of the key centre of the tracks.

    The day of the recording session took place at the my friend’s studio where many of my outputs have been recorded (a very relax environment) , starting from 10am and worked until 3pm with a lunch break. Many tracks and ideas were recorded, some of them were almost finished or finished at very the first take.
    As usual, we did not do any second take, just went on and tried new ideas. All the tracks on the EP are either the first take or the first try.

    Roger and I go way back, we met in Berlin winter 2005/2006 and start working together in early 2006.

    We played a handful of concerts in Germany and Denmark, and recorded some materials until around 2008.

    Those music we had recorded didn’t have a chance to be released, then we became busy with other projects and life events and eventually moved on from the project.

    Out of blue, received an email from Gregory in early 2016.

    At first I thought this was a spam, then turned out to be the beautiful proposal for producing music and make an EP out of the recordings.

    Roger Döring:

    We like intelligent Music. Not intellectual.
    They can touch the soul very simply just with clarinet, guitar and saxophone. Simply. Two guys - enough.
    Rote Herzen.
    We decided to be slow - sometimes. Minimalistic. To go in an inner-circle. Create something opposite
    - there is enough hectic outside. Enough stress and madness.