Robot Koch

Robot Koch is the electronic music alias of German producer Robert Koch (which I think means that the stage name is more a play on his name then a reference to cyborg sex organs). He has been active in the techno community for the last decade releasing seven albums since 2009. His discogs profile calls him a 'beat maniac' which is not something you hear very often, however the fact that he hails from Berlin makes this label more believable.

I first encountered this enigmatic artist in the Swiss alps back in 2010 when a good friend played me the track 'Trouble' by 'Robots don't sleep' which is a collaboration of 'Robot Koch' & John LaMonica. 

One can't dive too far into this guys discography before realizing that he likes to collaborate - I would say more then 75% of his output is a collaborative effort with another kindred musical spirit. 

Most of his output is on two labels - Project Mooncircle, which is a techno label run by the great HHV record store out of Berlin & his own label Trees & Cyborgs. He also has very notable lp's released on the amazing Monkeytown label and Vinyldigital.

One also shouldn't go past his epic rework of Max Richter's Vivaldi Recomposition that was featured on the vinyl edition from Deutsche Gramophon. 

His latest LP 'Sphere', released in October 2018, is a driving techno work pressed on glow in the dark vinyl. It was created to accompany a full dome planetarium show that is apparently so mind-blowing that even Max Cooper (who makes just about the best visuals for a live performance one could imagine) stated that it surpassed anything he was doing.

For a good introduction to Robot Koch's sound I would advise diving into Hypermoment, his LP on Monkeytown. It is a diverse enough album to showcase all of his abilities and a true pleasure to listen to.