Selaxon Lutberg

Its pretty hard to find information about the man behind such glacial ambient wonderments as 'The Meeting'. We couldn't even find a high res pic for his artist profile and it seems as if he gave up releasing music about 5 years ago. 

This happens alot in the genres we follow and only adds to the mysterious nature of the music, i mean his last LP didn't even have track titles all this adds up to making the music seem even further removed from a human element.

Recently I talked to a fellow music lover and we both agreed that if we had to choose between the public lives of musicians we gravitate much closer to 'Burial' then Kanye West.

Existing in the shadows must have worked for Salaxon Lutberg as his sonic sculptures are sublime and hauntingly melancholic.

Take a dive with eyes closed into 'Symboli Accidentali' and you wont come back the same.