Sonic pieces is run by Monique Recknagel out of her Berlin apartment (that she shares with Erik K Skodvin and his MIasmah imprint.) and has been active for a decade now. All releases have an initial hand crafted run before a second standard edition is released. The vinyl and cds are housed in folded jackets sourced from local materials and often fetch high prices when they are sold out. Sonic Pieces is home to neo-classical ambient champions like Christoph Berg (Field Rotation) and Rauelsson and has released some of our all time favorite music. A few years back Monique started the pattern imprint as a sister label of Sonic Pieces to handle some of the overflow on the roster. It is the outlet for the more darker experimental artists and has had work by Deaf Center and Jóhann Jóhannsson released through it. 

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The slider gallery below showcases every other Sonic Pieces release we stock. Due to the highly limited nature of the releases on this label we cannot stock everything but handpick our favorite releases to showcase. If there is a particular release you would like to own you can send us an email and we will try source a copy and put it in our next shipment from them.