Subtext is a UK based label founded and run by Paul Jebanasam, Roly Porter and James Ginzburg. It started its life many years ago as an outlet for their grime and uk garage project Vexed before taking a multi year hiatus and re-starting as an experimental electronic label. It showcases some of the most interesting sonic expressions in the area of drone and electronica that we have ever heard. Unfortunately due to the highly limited nature of the releases, alot of the titles are very hard to find.

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The slider gallery below showcases every other Subtext release we stock. We try to stock all titles released however, due to the limited nature of the releases on this label we cannot stock everything but handpick our favorite releases to showcase. If there is a particular release you would like to own you can send us an email and we will try source a copy and put it in our next shipment from them.