Svarte Greiner

One can't talk long about the Berlin dark ambient music scene before mentioning the name Erik K Skodvin aka Svarte Greiner.

He is to dark electro-accoustic music what Danny Devito is to great movies/tv (he has a hand in everything).

Whether it be running his genre defining label Miasmah or releasing work under his own name, as the duo Deaf Center  (with Otto A Totland), in his super-group B/B/S/ (with Aiden Baker & Andrea Belfi) contributing 'unheard sounds' to the latest Nils Frahm LP (seriously, read the liner notes), or inventing an entirely new genre, coined by Type recordings head John Twells as 'Doom Accoustics'.

Originally from Norway Svarte Greiner is responsible for some of the most Horror movie esque dark ambient releases in the entire store and with Miasmah he has given the world a plethora of immensely absorbing music to dive into. 

His long out of print debut LP 'Knive' was recently repressed. It is an lp that has the power to stop you in your tracks - as it literally did to me the first time I heard the closing track 'Final Sleep' whilst walking home late at night back in 2012.