Those coming to Quiet Calm Records looking for..... well quiet calm records should probably skip anything by The Outside Agency. 

I have always held at the core of my philosophy for this store to only stock items I love and have listened to intently. TOA are really at the root of my musical journey. I spent my formative years as a drum n bass and hardcore DJ and obsessing over labels like Ad Noiseam introduced me to some artists that I still listen to intently today (like Subheim & Hecq/Ben Lukas Boysen). It was this eclecticism that elevated the imprint above merely a label to a guide through the exciting new landscapes that were forming in electronic music. 

TOA have been in the electronic music scene for about as long as the personal computer has. Hailing from the Netherlands they are the disputed kings of industrial music and their imprints Genosha & Genosha 175 are directly responsible for championing sub-genres of hardcore that might never have taken off otherwise (like crossbreed). 

I had the privilege of seeing TOA perform on a boat moored to the Seine in Paris. They closed out a very eclectic lineup and despite the early hour still managed to make the boat rock from side to side. For anyone unfamiliar with this style of electronic music I would recommend you pick up a copy of TOA's compilation Scenocide 404 which we have available. It is an exciting and interesting area to explore and provides the catharsis we all need sometimes. 


The Outside Agency